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The home of Heironimous Bosch

11 Jun

S’ Hertogenbosch is a pretty town in the Netherlands, famed as the home of  the Heironimous Bosch who was born there around 1450 died there in 1516.

I like an artist who is not afraid of changing their name, and despite no original paintings by the stand alone master, this town has AMAZING BALLS!


People queue for Bossche bollen (chocoladebollen) and after eating one of the giant cream filled chocolatey pastry balls of deliciousness, I can see why!

Oh my god, knife and fork and exercise required

Oh my god, knife and fork and exercise required

Almost undoubtedly, as was vogue among his contemporaries in Italy, Bosch changed his name  to Heironimous Bosch , probably to reflect and to draw attention to his home, ie ‘s-Hertogenbosch (the Duke’s – Hertog – woods – bosch), but perhaps also to distinguish himself from the Van Aken name he was born with, as his dad, uncles and brothers were all into the art game. Alas there is no surviving grave for me to visit and frottage either, so this post is more about the highlights I found in a few hours when visiting this delightful town. Spelling is different everywhere so please do not quote me.

The first thing you are confronted with in this magical town after disembarking the ridiculously convenient intercity train is the magnificent golden dragon atop a mighty pole in the middle of a super fountain on the first traffic island. I view this as a sentinel for the town, which stimulated the imagination of one of the greatest artists of all time.